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Hurricane Padel Racket

Hurricane Padel Racket

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This racket is developed together with our player Marta Marrero, both in the form and in the composition of its materials, thinking about what a mid-level player needs.

The Hurricane model is round in shape for attacking players like Marta Marrero, but at the same time, thanks to its soft rubber, it is very manageable and adaptable to any player.

The frame is double tubular carbon fiber 80% 2TB AIR that implies greater resistance to shocks. Made with the highest quality rubber and SC WHITE EVA memory , covered with three layers of highly durable reinforced Fiber Glass . This rubber helps to create a good ball release in a defensive position, a combination designed to make the sweet spot very wide, making it easier to hit from all positions.

It is a perfect racket for players who like soft rackets who are looking for good control, but need a little power.


Weight 355 to 370

38mm frame. Constant profile.

Circle shape.

80% carbon fiber double tubular frame.

Outer core: PitonGlass

Extra Soft Eva.

Professional level

Power: 95%

Control: 90%

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