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Special Soft Padel Racket

Special Soft Padel Racket

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Description of the Special Soft.

It has a rough Sandspin surface, the Special Power model is designed for attack players, achieving maximum power in each stroke.


The frame is 2TB Eva carbon, and is made of the new 3xPly Eva rubber, it consists of two different hardnesses and a large memory. In the outer part it is of white hardness and in the inner part of medium hardness, to be able to have the best of both. All these characteristics, together with the EXTENDED SWET SPOT AREA, make the sweet spot very wide, making it easier to hit from all positions.

The last layer is 15k Power Fiber this makes the shovel have a dry blow to give power to your blows, but at the same time you have good control, it is a very resistant fiber and of great durability.

Finally, this shovel is equipped with ERGONOMIC HANDGRIP technology with which you will feel that the grip is much more comfortable.

The perfect shovel for...

It is a shovel that combines perfectly glueing and placement.


  • Weight 355 to 370
  • Frame 38 mm. Constant profile.
  • It forms a tear.
  • Double tubular frame of carbon fiber 80%.
  • Exterior core: 3k aluminum
  • Power soft memory white Eva
  • Level: professional
  • Power: 45%
  • Control: 55%
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